About Metroscope

The band

Metroscope is a jazz/rock fusion quartet that consists of four musicians based in Aalborg in the northern Denmark. This collaborative quartet composes their own original compostions with all four members serving as active composers. Through these compositions, Metroscope strives to serve their instrumental tunes by incorporating lots of different styles. This covers all from the modern sounds of jazz, funk and rock to the traditions of various captivating ethnic world music styles. The band has been touring in Japan in 2019 and released their debut single Alabur in July 2020. Metroscope released their album October 8 2021 and are currently planning tours during 2022.


  • Jonas Dannerbugt

    Guitarplayer hailing from Aalborg, Denmark; well versed in music genres, such as Jazz, Rock, Pop, Blues and Fusion. He aspires to his great list of inspirations, including artists like John Scofield, Mike Stern, Robben Ford and Mike Moreno. He plays in several constellations in Denmark, as well as musical productions. 
  • Andreas Enrique Bergholt

    The Aalborg-based pianist has a passion for harmony and meldody and gets inspired by putting these elements into context throughout various styles of music. As a composer he works in different band constellations and plays a lot of genres such as jazz, hiphop, r&b and pop/rock. The different styles of sounds and keyboards is expressed in his collaborations with various bands/artists such as Ahead, Lotus Noir, Mads Houe and the Quavers, Aporia, and Ginne Marker. 
  • Mads Dalum Poulsen

    Danish bassist residing in Aalborg who is, on a daily basis, playing within multiple styles, mainly involved with groove oriented music. Deeply involved in the music network of the northern part of Denmark, he plays various genres with a lot of the most talented young musicians. One of these artists is Ginne Marker who has won several awards such as Aalborg Kultur og Talentpris 2016, Årets Nordjyske Songwriter 2017, Klaverstemmerens Musikpris 2018. 
  • Mikkel Noe

    Drummer, composer and founder of Metroscope is based in Aalborg, Denmark. With a main focus in musical versatility, he indulges in a variety of different styles and elements of music based on groove which are utilized throughout his playing and his composing. Immersed in the local music scene of Aalborg, Mikkel plays with numerous local acts ranging from bands such as the large jazz ensemble Jazz9tus Orchestra to smaller groups like pop artist Amalie Thørholm.